Friday, September 11, 2009


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being thankful for my health....

I’ve been thinking a lot about overall health this past week. Last week one of my classmates died at the age of 39 due to complications from a lung transplant. She left behind a husband and a son under 10. Wow, a lung transplant. I don’t remember her having any health issues when we were in school. She played sports and was very active. I had another classmate who has cystic fibrosis and required a lung transplant but the differences in Kelley and Greg were night and day. Regardless, at some point her lungs failed her and she required a transplant. I’m not sure how long ago the transplant occurred but she died last week of pneumonia and some other complications. I’m really sad for Kelley and her family. I’m sad for her son because I can’t imagine growing up without a mother, I’m sad for her sister Holly because she lost a sister and a best friend and I’m also sad for Kelley because of the life that has been taken away from her.

Also, last week one of my coworkers husband was diagnosed at 30 years old with diabetes. He isn’t overweight, but his diet was HORRIBLE. Everything he ate was sugar, fat, or salty. He admits to hating all vegetables and hasn’t eaten a vegetable in going on 20 years. When he was finally admitted to the hospital, the doctors told him he was less than hours away from slipping into a coma or worse, dying. After almost a week in the hospital, he was able to come home but with some serious dietary changes. He’s smack in the middle of the 5 stages of grief right now. He will adjust to the changes in time, after all it’s not like he has a choice if he wants to live. Actually, after looking over his diet, it doesn’t really look that different from many of ours, but no doubt it’s a huge transition coming from eating fast food for every meal.

Wow, sometimes Life/God/The Universe can really smack you upside the head when it needs to get your attention!!! I know sometimes we get wrapped up in what our bodies look like on the outside when we really should be thankful that it’s healthy and pain free on the inside.