Thursday, July 30, 2015

#CancerSucks But #FakeCancerSucksHarder.....The Skunkhead Whore Chronicles

I must say that I've always been more than fine with a certain skunkhead whore helping to fill the universal cancer quota if need be, but part of me knowing Skunkhead's cuntastic past behaviors (please spare me the "people change" argument) always found myself asking if she really had it or was this another attempt to get attention, clients, or a certain douchebag's hand in marriage. I mean what better fairytale ending than a douchebag marrying  his supposedly ass-cancer ridden whore and them living out her final days in 100% dietary compliance, hitting lifting PR's on the regular and racing Ferraris. Don't even get me started on the irony of a shit-filled whore possibly being taken out by ass cancer or at the very least going through life with a Chanel colostomy bag.

Imagine my surprise and subsequent laughter when I saw this fuckery a few days ago. My first thought was "Amy Ledin, you truly disappoint me. This fuckery is Level One Stupid Cunt behavior. You are a Level 10-Inner Ring - Def Con Orange Level Cunt. This fuckery is not your A-game. You can do better than this basic shit" Then I realized, anyone rocking that shitty skunkhead haircut and dye job all while thinking it's cute, can't really be on top of things.

Anyway, I digress. Lets let the following screenshots speak for themselves.

Skunkhead says this:

While in reality, the image Skunkhead claims is hers belongs to a poor soul in The Netherlands. Talk about lazy, she could have at least removed the yellow arrows. Like I said, Level One Stupid Cunt behavior. Maybe the whore has brain cancer and not ass cancer.

Ok, now since I'm not a doctor, nor have I seen the inside of Amy Ledin's ass, I will not definitively say that the stupid cunt doesn't have ass cancer but the lying and subsequent jacking of some poor sick soul's booty scan does make you wonder what other shit she is spewing. Yes, pun intended.