Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh really now.....

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I need to let it go and I will, I just HATE being called a liar and having others convinced that I'm a liar. I promise I will not be bringing this into 2010 but once again, it is my blog so I can post what I want. Nobody has to read it that doesn't want to. It reads from the bottom up. So yeah, I'm the one who dumped her. Umm, ok.

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Amy, when I sent Sandi that message at 11:40pm she wasn't even on the board. She replied back at 11:59pm. There was no reason to her to contact Erik. Ok, so you thought Kevin had sent me something? I sent Kevin that text the same night before I pm'd Sandi, so that with the pm from Sandi/Erik, there was no way you could not have known. In my misguided concern about you and your family's well-being, I contacted Noel and she in turn contacted Eddie, so I know your phone hadn't been off for a week other than to your "friends" so I'm sorry Amy I'm calling BS, you knew that I didn't know a thing and quite frankly I don't think you even cared. How much effort and energy would it have taken to text "I'm fine, need to be alone?" This is clearly the "sanitized" version of what is really going with you, which is fine, when it comes down to it you don't owe me anything. If you feel closer to Sandi after knowing her a month, fine, your choice. I just find it interesting that you seemed to take issue with others doing the same thing, but still your choice. I swear I dont even know who you are anymore. It's that why you felt the need to block me from FB? Did you think I would pass judgement on your for going back to Erik or whatever relationship that you/Erik/Kevin/Laura have? Really? After all of this time and all of the things we've discussed and seen between Erik and others, you'd think that? Whatever? I'm calling a spade a spade.....obviously, you want new friendships with people who don't know how things really are, so you can paint some pretty picture of how you want to believe things are fine, so be it, but don't try to feed me bullshit and try to pass it off as cake. Remember how I always said that people mistake me not saying something as not knowing, well this is fine example. So yeah, you hurt me, a lot and for the record, I never saw things ending like this either. Hell, I never imagined things ending at all, but as in life, not all things are my decision.
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I can only blame myself, so no apologies needed. He admitted to me 2 years ago that he was attracted to her. (This was after I saw him act weird around her) but what actually brought it all to surface was him still being friendly with erik. Almost being ok with things. Little did I know that kevin had talked to him about Keri!! Gee sounds just like Will talking to erik. When I finally talked to laura, she then went to erik and crap hit the fan. We all talked (laura and I) (erik and kevin) and then I talked to erik and kevin talked to laura.
I turned off my phone for a week. As far as sandi is concerned, she fwd the pm to erik after not being able to get a hold of me right away. It wasn't until u sent the text to kev that I checked my msgs. I really thought kevin was going to contact you. So I'm sorry. I have nothing against you and of everyone I have met thru lbf, I've been the closest with u. I'm sorry I've hurt you and did not expect things to end like this. I only got back in contact w ames since thursday afternoon after she called the house. (Not that it excuses me not talking to u or anyone else)

I am very sorry for hurting u lyn. Of all people-i didn't want to do that to u.

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Amy, I am really sorry about what Kevin did and about you being hurt. I really am. Nobody deserves to be deceived like that. I hope that you guys can work through it because I really think that you two are a wonderful couple and have an amazing family. I have looked up to you both since I've known you. The problem I have is that I haven't heard a word from you since June 25 and today did you not block me from Facebook? Facebook is trivial, but Amy, I kept texting you over and over and calling you because I was worried that something awful had happened to you or your family. I know you got those texts, so would that not be an indication that I had not heard anything about you? I even asked you in the last one to just please tell me that you were alive and safe and I got nothing. Was that not an indication that I knew nothing or that no one had contacted me? I even contacted Sandi to ask about you a week ago. I was told by her that you were fine but you had a lot on your plate. I have no doubt that she told you I contacted her since she doesn't know me from Adam. I know you've been in contact with Ames regularly for about a week, and now the FB thing, so although, I am so sorry that all of this is going on and I wouldn't wish this on anyone, I do think I am justified in my feelings and for those texts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Hmmm, word is that I, not CuntFace Perez is a liar. Comments like this really make me want to share. I'm debating posting an email that I sent to Amy, Erik, Amy's hubby Kevin, and the supposed object of Kevin's affection according to Amy, a few months ago. I sent the email then because Amy accused me of being the liar and the one who dumped her and Erik. I have no doubt Amy was able to spin a web a lies to convince folks to believe her and how a 3-4 paragraph email could be one big lie. Wow, that stretched out pussy of hers must have some magic powers that cause people to lose all powers of common sense. Regardless, I'm debating whether or not I should share the letter as a fitting and proper closing for 2009 or should I just move on and wish Amy and all involved the absolute worst the life has to offer, both options have their own merit.