Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just sitting here waiting for my pedi to dry. I painted the toesies lavender shimmer in honor of spring, and in hopes that spring will hang around for more than one day. The weather in Atlanta has been crazy this year. It was in the 70's last weekend, then it snowed on Monday and now back to the 70's.

I'm still keeping busy with work. It's hard going from a job that you know everything about into one where you know absolutely nothing, but I'm enjoying the process and learning new things. New things always help out the ol resume.

I trained HARD tonight at the gym. I'm sure I'll be paying tommorrow and Friday but it will be worth it. I feel fabulous right now.

Tonight's program was:

DB Split Squats
Close grip lat pull downs
Cable Pull throughs
Seated DB Press
Standing Calf Raises (one of my favs) I lurvs some shapely calves on women.
Pulldown Abs
DB Laterals (Ghey)
Planks (Double Ghey)

I've decided that for me personally, when it comes to diet and training, I can't have any days off because they tend to turn into weeks off. I'm like the typical alcoholic that just tries to drink one drink and then before you know it ends up sprawled out drunk in a carport clutching an empty Sprite bottle and calling out someone else's name. Well maybe not that bad, it you get the idea. Days off just don't really work for me, at least not now. So what to do, what to do???

Changing gears....
I've been wanting to volunteer in some capacity for quite a while now. Since I really don't like folk much, I've found the perfect solution...

Soon I will be volunteering at a pet foodbank. I'm on a waiting list for the one closest to my home. The one that has openings now is clear across the city, which means in Atlanta traffic, an hour one way easily. Hopefully the other one will need more volunteers soon. I'm so excited. I love love love dogs (cats are OK) and since my current lifestyle isn't really conducive to owning a pet right now, this is perfect. I get to spend time with animals and help make sure they have plenty to eat. Again, I'm so excited!!!!