Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coach Jennie - Curls and Whey Training

Attention Prayer Warriors!! Based on the image below, a member of your flock desperately needs to be lifted up in prayer! It seems that Coach Jennie of Curls and Whey Training, has developed a severe case of amnesia.


Bless her heart. I'm sure its probably easier not to remember certain things such as you're 100 times smarter than your boss, that your boss is a liar and a whore who's even lied about YOU, that you had to at one time block your boss's alcoholic fiance's number because he harassed you so much after to left the flock, etc., etc.

Maybe someone should contact Joyce Meyer, or maybe the Pope for assistance. Isn't there a patron saint for amnesiacs? Oh wait, never mind, the patron saint of amnesiacs and those who perpetually have their heads stuck in the sand is Coach Ileen of Lean Bodies Consulting. They've already met.