Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thelma and Louise Go'in For Teh Tone - 155lb Deadlifts

What an awesome week this has been. One of my nearest and dearest friends came down from Canada-land to pay me a visit. The visit went so fast, but not to fear, we'll be doing it again shortly and then hopefully in the not so far future, I can pay her a visit and see what kind of mischief we can get into up north. Luckily her hubby is a cop, so maybe we'll get a pass if we get into too much trouble. Anyway, I'll post more about her visit later, but just wanted to post some videos of one of the high points of her visit...going to the gym together. We went with Noel, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's sister Rachael. Ana also tanned, but I passed on that part.

Anyhoo, here is yours truly (Louise) Sumo-Deadlifting 155 lbs!!

My lifting style is as follows:

(1) Wear a shirt that is just loose enough to get caught behind your elbows and show not one but all three rolls of your belly fat.

(2) Don't breathe until the very last rep, effectively making your eyes look like they're going to pop out AND you're suffering from a thyroid condition. Hey, I was focused and besides, breathing is for sissies!!

Next is Thelma's turn. Thelma's a wee one, but she's lifting those 155lbs like nobody's business. Her lifting style includes looking constipated on the last rep but hey, at least she remembered to breathe unlike me.

Again, had a fantastic time and learned a lot. Noel is very generous with her training knowledge. I can't wait until we all get together again!