Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sports Bra Hell

Well I guess I’m done with my catharsis regarding Amy Perez and Erik Ledin. May they live happily ever after or until Erik dumps her for his new flavor- o-the –month. Actually, most of my vitriol was directed towards Amy. She does have the dubious distinction of being the first female I have openly called Cuntface and believe me, it fits. Anyway, it was cathartic to get all of that out of my system and really say what I wanted to say. Honestly, I didn’t say EVERYTHING I wanted to say, (gotta save something just in case it’s needed in the future) but it was nice to be able to vent in my own little space. I’m sure several found it entertaining, but for me it was cathartic to finally be able to say a lot of what others have thought but never had the opportunity to say. So before I get branded a psycho or some other name that CF likes to label people whom she has shit upon, let me move on to what’s going on in Lyn’s world.

Arrgh, sports bras for anyone over a D–cup are the debil. My favorite bra, the Enell is ugly as hell, but I love it. It’ holds the girls right where they need to be. What I don’t love is the $60+ price tag that it comes with. The first one I bought I was able to find on Ebay for about half the price; this time, no such luck. Oh yeah, Ebay had the Enell’s for $37 or 2/$70 but of course in every size but mine. I swear these things must be made of some space age material because they fit women anywhere from a 32C to a 52F!!! I first saw them on an Oprah “Favorite Things” episode and they truly are great. If anyone needs a strong supportive bra and can get over the ugliness of the thing, this is the bra for you.

Anyway, since I didn’t want to pay retail and since Ebay didn’t have my size, I went with one from Lily of France. It’s a little more attractive but doesn’t offer the same amount of support but at $17.99 on sale at Kohl’s, it will be fine for lifting days and I can save my beloved Enell for HIIT days until I can find one on sale.

Wow, what an exciting life I lead, almost a whole entry devoted to my quest for a sports bra. Hahahaha!! Oh well, that’s OK, because that’s what this blog is for, to write about everything that I encounter along my path and who wants to go down their path of improvement with unsupported boobs. Oh that reminds me of something else. The” boobs and belly” account that I started a month or so ago with ING is steadily growing. I swear its addictive making those deposits. I’m pretty sure that unless I win the lottery, I will reach my target weight before I have the money for the surgery, but I’m fine with that. I will be more than happy looking fabulous in my clothes until I can look great in AND out of my clothes. Hehehehehe!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday!!

Wow!! I can’t believe its Monday morning yet again!!! Where did the weekend go? I swear I was just sitting at this desk yesterday. Ahhh, the life of a cubicle jockey. I’m on this mission to find out what my true passion or calling is in life. While I am very grateful to have a job, it is just that, a job. I want a career, something more that just something that pays the bills. I want to be excited every morning when I wake up, not just excited because it’s almost Friday.

Anyway, I digress. On Friday, I did the following training:

Full Squats 3 x 5
Barbell Rows 3 x 5
Romanian Deadlifts (my favorite exercise) 3 x 5
Flat Bench Press (my weakest exercise) 3 x 5
*Followed by one set of the BW exercises I posted last week

Saturday was HIIT intervals

Sunday was my latest infomercial inspired purchase “Yoga Booty Ballet” I found this last week on clearance at Target for $20.00. I’ve been curious about it since I saw it on a late night informercial but at the time it was $40 + S/H so I’m glad I was patient and waited.

Today’s training will be:

Dumbbell Split Squats – 3 x 12 each side
Close grip Lat Pulldowns (my favorite upper body exercise) 3 x 8
Cable Pull throughs – 3 x 12
Seated Dumbbell press – 3 x 10
Standing Calf Raise – 3 x 20
Tricep Pushowns – 3 x 10
Dumbbell Laterals – 3 x 10
Planks – 3 x 30s

Now I believe in giving credit where credit is due so just want to say that the above program as well as what I posted last week were created by Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. I was a client of his from Jan. 2007 – Jan. of 2008. I have about 12 of these babies that I will be posting throughout my blog whenever I decide to change up my training and whenever my diet needs to be tweaked. Now as much as I loathe Erik Ledin aka Thunder and KNOW that he is a lying, cheating, “I’m a Christian when it gets me the ladies”, “Eatin Ain’t Cheatin, suck your lips off when he kisses you (thanks Amy for the visual) douchebag and hate his current flavor-of-the month Amy “ Lying Cuntface, Erik tried to force himself on me and I was scared, but I still love him and went back for seconds” Perez, I’m no dummy. I’m not one to cut my nose off to spite my face. Douchebag’s programs do work and Cuntface’s Pick and Choose is a good option to have.

Well back to work. Another day another dollar.