Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Awesome night at the gym!!

Guess what I did at the gym tonight???? I'm so proud of myself!!! Drum roll please.....

I benched with these....

I still have to work up to doing all of my sets with 25's but I was able to do some and I wasn't even embarrassed when I couldn't re-rack the last rep and some strange guy had to help me get it off my chest. Bwahahaha!!! I was in the process of rolling it down to the floor when he stepped in so what the heck, I let him be the big strong guy saving the damsel in distress. Tonight was on of the best workouts I've ever had. My motivation is

I seriously wanted to do this after I was done.

I am so stoked right now!!!


I had an interesting discussion on Facebook tonight. It all started with my status update which said:

"Seriously, is there no limit to the number of lies Amy Perez can tell? Is her name even Amy Perez? I swear I'm not even sure of that anymore."

the following exchanges ensued. I'm blocking out the names of some people who may not want to be listed.

CR: Oh man. What now?

MB: :popcorn:

Lyn: I give her credit, she had me fooled. I bet she's had to tell some doozies to cover her ass with Prince Chippendale von Absolut. I'd love to know what she's said about me other than the ones I already know about. I'd love to get her butt on a conference call with PCvA, Mrs. PCvA, her current bffs, and others and see what she comes up with. That would be a dark day for the kingdom.

Facebook Friend (FF): Well if she's being influenced by you know who....I'm sure it's limitless....;)

Lyn: Nah, these are lies so she can have "you know who" all to herself. The funny thing is, she trashed him to me for the entire 1.5 yrs that we were supposedly "friends".

(FF): am so seriously out of the

Lyn: Hahaha!! You stay out of the loop. Not that that's a bad thing.

(FF): wow..I am out of the loop too....

AH:Like i've said that woman is a pure waste of space on this earth. Absolute 100% trash scum of the earth.

FF: Oh lawdy.. now what?? There's MORE????? Was it she that gave him "Chippendale von Absolut"??? Few years back she called him Eyore to me.. you know.. " Poor me..nobody likes me"

Lyn: Nah, Chip was my name. Hahahaha! She used to refer to him as Eeyore to me too!!! It does fit though.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thought for the Day

If one has the desire to punch someone in the face, does it mean that the puncher has anger management issues or does it mean that there are simply people out there who go through life needing a good punch in the face but just haven’t gotten it yet?

Hmmm..I’m gonna go with the latter. Hahahahaha!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quote for the Day

"Don't Major in the Minors"