Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post of 2009

Ahhh, we're finally in the last hours of 2009. I am so excited about the upcoming new year.

I'm going to end the year with a little word association game.

I'll post a picture or word and then another picture that can be a direct association.


Hmmm, let me think for a sec. Ok, got it.


Ok, lets try another.

Jump-off or Sidepiece: can refer to a man/woman or mistress you fuck on the side of your regular.

Oooo, that's an easy one.....


Ok, last one.....



Good Bye 2009!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lyn's Comment for the day

In a few days I will have a new number for the new year. I am looking forward to 2010 and the many changes it promises to bring. So....if you happen to NOT get my new number, then YOU are apart of that change.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quote for the Day

“Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.” Oren Arnold


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Friday, December 18, 2009

Trip to Canada

Funny how times flies. This time two years ago we all had just returned from a trip to Canada. I swear it sometimes seems just like yesterday and sometimes it seems life a lifetime ago. I can't wait to go back sometime in 2010.

We don't get this much snow in the south. It was fun to visit and leave in Canada.


Ana's Christmas Tree, well half of it :grin: I'm too lazy to resize. Yeah, I'm a dork when it comes to pictures.


Noel and her Ketchup Chips. Man I wish we had those here. They are quite tasty.


Ana, Cindy, Ileen, Laura, me and Noel.


Ana and Cindy


Me and Noel. Noel had this picture framed. I love it.




Sexayyy!!! II




Again, don't feel like resizing these puppies.

I wonder if these bad boys are still around? Stylish eh? They were a gift for someone who hates Crocs and bandanas. I had to finally give up my love for classic Crocs shortly thereafter, but I still like some of the newer styles. Shhhhh!! and of course I still love my bandanas.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh really now.....

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I need to let it go and I will, I just HATE being called a liar and having others convinced that I'm a liar. I promise I will not be bringing this into 2010 but once again, it is my blog so I can post what I want. Nobody has to read it that doesn't want to. It reads from the bottom up. So yeah, I'm the one who dumped her. Umm, ok.

---- Forwarded Message -----
Sent: Sunday, July 5, 2009 8:17:47 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Re:

Amy, when I sent Sandi that message at 11:40pm she wasn't even on the board. She replied back at 11:59pm. There was no reason to her to contact Erik. Ok, so you thought Kevin had sent me something? I sent Kevin that text the same night before I pm'd Sandi, so that with the pm from Sandi/Erik, there was no way you could not have known. In my misguided concern about you and your family's well-being, I contacted Noel and she in turn contacted Eddie, so I know your phone hadn't been off for a week other than to your "friends" so I'm sorry Amy I'm calling BS, you knew that I didn't know a thing and quite frankly I don't think you even cared. How much effort and energy would it have taken to text "I'm fine, need to be alone?" This is clearly the "sanitized" version of what is really going with you, which is fine, when it comes down to it you don't owe me anything. If you feel closer to Sandi after knowing her a month, fine, your choice. I just find it interesting that you seemed to take issue with others doing the same thing, but still your choice. I swear I dont even know who you are anymore. It's that why you felt the need to block me from FB? Did you think I would pass judgement on your for going back to Erik or whatever relationship that you/Erik/Kevin/Laura have? Really? After all of this time and all of the things we've discussed and seen between Erik and others, you'd think that? Whatever? I'm calling a spade a spade.....obviously, you want new friendships with people who don't know how things really are, so you can paint some pretty picture of how you want to believe things are fine, so be it, but don't try to feed me bullshit and try to pass it off as cake. Remember how I always said that people mistake me not saying something as not knowing, well this is fine example. So yeah, you hurt me, a lot and for the record, I never saw things ending like this either. Hell, I never imagined things ending at all, but as in life, not all things are my decision.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, July 5, 2009 6:09:26 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Re:

I can only blame myself, so no apologies needed. He admitted to me 2 years ago that he was attracted to her. (This was after I saw him act weird around her) but what actually brought it all to surface was him still being friendly with erik. Almost being ok with things. Little did I know that kevin had talked to him about Keri!! Gee sounds just like Will talking to erik. When I finally talked to laura, she then went to erik and crap hit the fan. We all talked (laura and I) (erik and kevin) and then I talked to erik and kevin talked to laura.
I turned off my phone for a week. As far as sandi is concerned, she fwd the pm to erik after not being able to get a hold of me right away. It wasn't until u sent the text to kev that I checked my msgs. I really thought kevin was going to contact you. So I'm sorry. I have nothing against you and of everyone I have met thru lbf, I've been the closest with u. I'm sorry I've hurt you and did not expect things to end like this. I only got back in contact w ames since thursday afternoon after she called the house. (Not that it excuses me not talking to u or anyone else)

I am very sorry for hurting u lyn. Of all people-i didn't want to do that to u.

Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 19:34:34 +0000 (UTC)
To: amy Perez

Amy, I am really sorry about what Kevin did and about you being hurt. I really am. Nobody deserves to be deceived like that. I hope that you guys can work through it because I really think that you two are a wonderful couple and have an amazing family. I have looked up to you both since I've known you. The problem I have is that I haven't heard a word from you since June 25 and today did you not block me from Facebook? Facebook is trivial, but Amy, I kept texting you over and over and calling you because I was worried that something awful had happened to you or your family. I know you got those texts, so would that not be an indication that I had not heard anything about you? I even asked you in the last one to just please tell me that you were alive and safe and I got nothing. Was that not an indication that I knew nothing or that no one had contacted me? I even contacted Sandi to ask about you a week ago. I was told by her that you were fine but you had a lot on your plate. I have no doubt that she told you I contacted her since she doesn't know me from Adam. I know you've been in contact with Ames regularly for about a week, and now the FB thing, so although, I am so sorry that all of this is going on and I wouldn't wish this on anyone, I do think I am justified in my feelings and for those texts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Hmmm, word is that I, not CuntFace Perez is a liar. Comments like this really make me want to share. I'm debating posting an email that I sent to Amy, Erik, Amy's hubby Kevin, and the supposed object of Kevin's affection according to Amy, a few months ago. I sent the email then because Amy accused me of being the liar and the one who dumped her and Erik. I have no doubt Amy was able to spin a web a lies to convince folks to believe her and how a 3-4 paragraph email could be one big lie. Wow, that stretched out pussy of hers must have some magic powers that cause people to lose all powers of common sense. Regardless, I'm debating whether or not I should share the letter as a fitting and proper closing for 2009 or should I just move on and wish Amy and all involved the absolute worst the life has to offer, both options have their own merit.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Days of Thunder......

Tickets to "The Men of Texas" male revue.....$25

On stage lapdance.......$10

A special appearance by teh Thunder.......PRICELESS!!!

The Men of Texas

I found these old pictures from a girl's night back when I lived in Knoxville. I hated east TN, but I must say this was a fun night.



Whoever knew spandex and cowboy boots could look so good?




Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Changing My Name

Hmm..I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog. My goals haven't changed but since I like to blog about a variety of people, places and things, the title really doesn't fit. Just thinking out loud.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little whine with my egg white and cheese omelette

Ya know, I've decided that the worst thing about working out at 5am and going straight to work afterwards isn't the getting up part, it's the lugging all of the extra crap around part. Seriously, I have to make two trips to the clothes on hangers so they don't wrinkle, purse, gym bag with toiletries and junk, water bottle, and cooler with the day's food. Hmm maybe I just have too much shit to begin with, but I NEEEEED my stuff. I can't go to work looking all wrinkled and busted up. I'm just waiting for the day that I forget my wig/hairpieces and have to wear my bandana all day. Nah, I'd call in sick before that shit happened. It doesn't help that a Chick-Fil-A is right around the corner. If I had a dollar for every time a chicken biscuit has almost flown into my mouth (pun intended) I could just get some lipo and call it a day. Yeah, today has been a sucking hairy, sweaty, stinky monkey balls kind of a day with another "bootleg" Friday seemingly on the horizon. Ok, the next sound you hear will be Lyn sucking it up. Man, somebody needs a nap.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

....always get me down. Bleech. That is all.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lyn on crack!l


I'm not sure why this is skipping so much. It wasn't on my camera, maybe it's just my computer. Please comment and let me know if it's skipping. I might need to take it down and redo it at work. My computer there is new and faster than the home version.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trip to Publix

I was shopping at Publix and came across these cute pink reusable shopping bags. They are in support of breast cancer research and will only be around from now through the end of October. I bought several for myself and for friends and family. I love the idea of doing something good for the environment as well as helping out a very very worthy cause.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gotta love it............

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you're rude~

I know these 2 are a piece of work, but you're no better slandering and obsessing about the whole situation. Give it up!

This anonymous commenter has a direct link to my blog and has visited many many times so something must keep them interested. Hmmmm...maybe they want a little suck of the E-peen themselves or maybe Amy "Cuntface" Perez has a new little friend. Regardless, yeah you're entitled to post your opinion given that this is a public blog but the deeper question is why if the content is so rude and offensive to you, why do you bother reading it and why have you saved the direct address to this blog? I don't recall ever holding a gun to anyone's head and making them click on my blog and read it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Costume 2009

I think I've decided on my Halloween costume this year.

May I present the AmyPerez-SuperCunt costume:

I'm going to dress up as a big can of Magic Powder and don a frizzy curly wig, I'm also going to suck on a vodka-laced Canadian E-penis all the while telling massive lies about all of my "friends", then at the end of the night I'll just dump everyone and head north with my daughter in search of crappy-kissing predators. Predators whom I was told on MANY occasions pull out and use their dad's "Cancer Card" whenever they need attention. Hmmm...whoever thought an Amy-Cunt could be such a creative inspiration for the upcoming holidays? Wow, so many sides to her 'eh? It's really never-ending. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


This is the look I'm going for. I still haven't figured out how to suck off the E-penis and talk at the same time but I'm working on it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

I just started reading this book over the weekend. It was recommended on a forum that I post on. It's all about strategy and winning. Overall, it's about leaving people in your dust without them even knowing what hit them. It's very similar to The Art of War. I'm really enjoying it. It's over 400 pages and I'm taking lots of notes. It's always a promising sign when you take over 3 pages of notes just from the book's preface. Watch out world!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being thankful for my health....

I’ve been thinking a lot about overall health this past week. Last week one of my classmates died at the age of 39 due to complications from a lung transplant. She left behind a husband and a son under 10. Wow, a lung transplant. I don’t remember her having any health issues when we were in school. She played sports and was very active. I had another classmate who has cystic fibrosis and required a lung transplant but the differences in Kelley and Greg were night and day. Regardless, at some point her lungs failed her and she required a transplant. I’m not sure how long ago the transplant occurred but she died last week of pneumonia and some other complications. I’m really sad for Kelley and her family. I’m sad for her son because I can’t imagine growing up without a mother, I’m sad for her sister Holly because she lost a sister and a best friend and I’m also sad for Kelley because of the life that has been taken away from her.

Also, last week one of my coworkers husband was diagnosed at 30 years old with diabetes. He isn’t overweight, but his diet was HORRIBLE. Everything he ate was sugar, fat, or salty. He admits to hating all vegetables and hasn’t eaten a vegetable in going on 20 years. When he was finally admitted to the hospital, the doctors told him he was less than hours away from slipping into a coma or worse, dying. After almost a week in the hospital, he was able to come home but with some serious dietary changes. He’s smack in the middle of the 5 stages of grief right now. He will adjust to the changes in time, after all it’s not like he has a choice if he wants to live. Actually, after looking over his diet, it doesn’t really look that different from many of ours, but no doubt it’s a huge transition coming from eating fast food for every meal.

Wow, sometimes Life/God/The Universe can really smack you upside the head when it needs to get your attention!!! I know sometimes we get wrapped up in what our bodies look like on the outside when we really should be thankful that it’s healthy and pain free on the inside.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Charitable Giving...My Thoughts

This week has been my company’s quarterly canned food drive to benefit a local food pantry. I’m convinced that many people have a skewed sense of charitable giving. I always dread these quarterly food drives not because I have an issue with supporting local charities but because these events which are supposed to bring out the best in people often times bring out the worst or the most disappointing behaviors in people.

The way our food drive is set up is, to “encourage” people to donate, each person is to donate 5 canned food/non-perishable items in order to dress casual for the upcoming week. Now personally, I don’t believe in “bribing” people to be good citizens, but it’s not my program so I just follow the rules. Anyway, 5 cans for 5 casual days, pretty simple huh? Basically for a $3.00 food donation you can wear jeans, sandals, etc for an entire week vs. normal business attire. Unfortunately since my workspace is in a central location, I get to see the masses in action and have basically broken down my fellow employees into various categories when it comes to giving.

The Open-Handed Givers: this is my favorite group and I consider myself part of it. Basically, these people give because the want to and regardless of whatever “reward” the company is giving, we would donate anyway. 5 cans is a minimum, a suggestion. If you have more, give more. It’s not that serious. My philosophy is, if your hands are closed, how will you ever receive anything. I’m not saying that you should give just to receive, but I do think that the law of the universe (karma) rewards those who give freely and without hesitancy. I think there’s a verse in the Bible that says something like “the Lord loves a cheerful giver” or something similar. I’m not a Bible-scholar so that’s just my attempt at paraphrasing.

The Acknowledgement Seekers: these people give, but they want you and everyone else to know that they gave and if they decide to give 7 cans instead of 5, they will tell you. This person will never fall under the category of “Anonymous Donor” These people proudly and prominently display their “Certificate of Participation” on their cubicle wall and will take notes and drop hints about others who didn’t give the 5 can minimum yet are still participating in Casual Week.

The Rationalizers: These are the people who wouldn’t give unless they are getting something in return and they won’t ever give more than what is asked for. In fact, these are the people who will rationalize that if they work from home one day a week and since Friday is a company casual day anyway, then “technically” they only need to give 3 cans. These are the people that I really want to punch in the face. I’m not even sure why they even feel like they have to give an explanation. It’s not like they feel bad.

The Triflers: These are the trifling folks that know that since the food drive organizers don’t really monitor the food drives, nobody is going to know whether they actually participated or not, so they just dress casual and never bring in a donation. They know that the Acknowledgement Seekers are watching them, but they also know that the Seekers can’t really prove anything since nobody really verifies who brings in canned goods. My only hope with these people is that they will continue always get the crumbs that life has to offer and will remain bitter and always wonder why life is so hard for them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There's a really good "blue balls" joke in here somewhere, I just can't seem to put my finger on it.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Some days are easier to "fake it til you make it" than others. I am not feeling my fellow man today. I need a nap and a do-over.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lyn's Questions of the Week....

Question 1: Where do I see myself in 5 years?

Question 2: How do I have to behave today and every day to create the life I want 5 years from now?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alwyn Cosgrove's Paper Towel Analogy

Here's the paper towel analogy that I mentioned in a previous post. I think it's awesome!!!

Let’s assume you go out and buy two rolls of paper towels, each with 112 paper towels on it. You put one aside, and keep it for future reference (your “before” picture). The other one represents you (I’ll call your paper towel “Ed”). The core represents the lean Ed. The towels represent the fat that is covering the lean Ed.

For sake of argument, let’s say that Ed wants to lose 28 pounds of fat, so (112/28) each sheet represents a quarter-pound of fat lost.

Let’s also assume that Ed loses his fat equally during each day of the program.

Each day during the first week, you tear a sheet off of Ed, representing the fat he has lost for the day. Next, you put Ed next to the full roll (“Big Ed”) for comparison.

No noticeable difference! Even at the end of the week!

“This can’t be working for me! This program sucks! ”
But, you continue to follow your fat loss program. At the end of weeks two and three, you continue to compare Ed to Big Ed, and still notice very little difference.

But Ed is determined! He continues to work hard!

Three more weeks go by, the sheets peeling off day after day, before Ed gets up the courage to stand next to Big Ed again.

Now there’s a big difference!

By the end of the program (112 days), Ed is down to his lean dream, or somewhere near it. Big Ed is still – well, big.

The lesson to be learned is that fat, like paper towels, comes off in sheets. When you are heavy, you are big around. And when you are big around, that fat is spread over a MUCH larger area – just like that outside towel sheet. The closer you get to the lean you, the more each lost pound of fat shows, because it is spread over a smaller area.

While the outside sheet may only cover one layer of the roll, the inside sheet may go around 4 times. That last sheet looks like it gives you four times the results of the first sheet, but in reality, the results are the same – your perception is just different! And you’ll never see the inside, if you aren’t patient while the outside is coming off

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lyn's Week in Review

Last week started off fairly uneventful. I really don't remember anything stellar happening either on Monday or Tuesday. It usually takes me a few days to ease into the week and get my stride. This week was no different, but from Wednesday on, it was good.

On Wednesday I took the time to sit and compose a long letter regarding Amy Perez and the demise of what I thought was a very solid long term friendship between. My reasoning for doing this was because a few days prior, someone very close to Amy had some questions for me on some information that Amy had used as the excuse to walk away from all of her friends instead of just telling the truth (foreign concept for Amy), that she had gone to Canada to visit Erik. This information was regarding this other lady. I have no idea if what Amy said was an outright lie that she felt she could use since the chances of my and this other lady talking were fairly slim or if in fact the information was true and maybe Amy had sworn never to repeat it. Who knows? None of my business either way. Now mind you, I don't know this lady other than what Amy had said about her, so I answered her questions and forwarded her some emails where Amy had specifically mentioned the things that this lady was questioning. I did this because this lady wanted some answers to her questions. I totally understood the position this person was in, believing your "friend" vs, believing someone you just met 5 mins ago. I wasn't trying to convince her of anything. I figure with Amy, people will come to know the truth in their own time. Besides, my blog gives my the opportunity to say what I want to say. I don't need a bandwagon of folks to validate my thoughts and opinions. Anyway, I digress, the reason for composing the long letter and later sending it to Amy, Kevin, Erik and a few others was because I have no doubt that Amy did her crying/hurt routine and changed the content of the emails to fit her own needs. The big difference between me and Amy is that I will not sit silent when someone says something about me or accuses me of lying. Now I'm sure she calls it "taking the high road" which was always one of Erik's favorite lines, and that's her choice, but that doesn't work for me. If you imply that I am lying, you better be ready for a confrontation. I'm not saying that EVERY thing someone says deserves a response, but somethings do and many times a person's silence says way more about their character than a response would. I'll use my previous blog posts as an example...Now my blog is public, anyone and everyone can read it. Now if I were the topic of several blog entries where someone was posting my pictures and saying that I was giving blow jobs to someone other than my husband, you better believe I'm going to confront that person IF the postings weren't true..isn't that slander? So what does silence say in this situation? So anyway, wrapping up Wednesday, I sent the email to all parties involved and of course got no responses back saying that anything I said in the letter was a lie, so for me that speaks for itself.

Thursday was biweekly day!! I am down 4lbs. I was very very happy with that. That reminds me, I need to post the link to Noel Clark's blog on her site Noel posts a great analogy about a roll of paper towels that I am now using to keep me on track and not get discouraged just because you can't "see" the differences just yet. I definitely think going back to using biweeklies is a good thing for me. I used to hate them when I was working for Erik because they were so detailed, so know I'm just using the weight, diet and inches part and it seems to work for me. I had a moment Thursday where I looked in the mirror and didn't hate what I saw. Now, I didn't look any different with 4lbs lost, but it was a shift in my mindset. My body is nowhere near where it needs to be and I have a long long way to go before I'm happy with it, but what I was happy about was the fact that I was doing something and moving forward, so in a sense, what I liked had nothing to do with my body, but it had everything to do with liking Lyn as a person.

Friday, I met Ileen to get my gym bag that was a gift from her and Cindy for my 40th birthday. The original bag arrived damaged and Ileen dealt with so many yahoos to get a replacement bag for me. I'm so happy with it. I'm so lucky too because the bag is now discontinued. I showed mine to my boss and she loved it; funny because her's was the one I'd been coveting before I got my own. I got a nice surprise when I opened it. I thought it was going to be plain black. It's actually back with lime green trimmed straps and cute daisy details. It's awesome!! Thanks again Ileen and Cindy.

Saturday morning I went to the NPC Coastal BB, Figure and Bikini competition with Noel. Prejudging was looooong, over 3 hrs. Noel was helping backstage so for most of the show I was by myself. It gave me an opportunity to people watch, which is something I love to do. Some of the physiques in the audience were amazing. I did find it funny some of the folks lugging around the gallon water jugs and the big ass coolers. Given the physiques of some of these "luggers" I'm still not convince that they just didn't buy them for the show. Hahahaha! Seriously though, I love shows. I love local shows all the way to national/pro shows. It's great to see so many like-minded and supportive people all in one place. I may giggle about some of the people and their gallon jugs but seriously it's one of the few places that you can lug your water and food around not be stared at like you have 3 heads so it's all good. I'd love,love, love it if I could go to a show once or twice a month, I don't think my motivation would ever wain because there is always someone new to see and be inspired by.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pathological vs. Compulsive Liar

A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. Pathological lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder. A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused - it is done to get one's way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

Exhibit A

A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying is usually thought to develop in early childhood, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary. For the most part, compulsive liars are not overly manipulative and cunning (see, Pathological Liar), rather they simply lie out of habit - an automatic response which is hard to break and one that takes its toll on a relationship

Once again, Exhibit A

I've been thinking a lot about these terms lately. Actually what I'm trying to figure out is which one of these definitions best describes Amy Perez. I have pretty much decided that she is a combination of the two. Now believe me, in my eyes she will always be a lying, two-faced cunt, but I do think she does have some deep-seated issues that cause her to lie for no good reason other than to just lie.

Now having offered my diagnosis of Amy as being a dual-liar, exhibiting the signs of both a pathological and a compulsive liar, I will also add that...Damn girl!!! You got me!!! Usually I pride myself on being a pretty decent judge of character but I must admit you are good....scarily good. Hell you've got all of your new friends believing your shit now. How many little care pkgs have you sent to people? How many nice comments have you made? How much support have you offered? Yep, that's pretty much your standard operating procedure..right before you start talking out of both sides of your neck. You had me believing every word you told me about Erik, Noel, Ali, Patricia, Cathie, Sandi, Kim, etc. Now don't worry, I'm not going to post any of that stuff, but honestly, I really do hope that most of the things you said are lies and these people really aren't everything you said they are.

I'm still so confused over why you even felt the need to lie about most of the stuff you chose to lie about. It was so unnecessary and so hurtful to me and to others.

Let me give a few examples how what I mean as it pertains to me and to someone else who has approved of me posting this information.

Ex 1: Amy to Lyn: You know girl. Your problem is that when it comes to diet/training, you need accountability. Let me help you with that.

Amy to someone else: Yeah, Lyn came to me and asked me to train her.

Ex 2: Amy to Lyn: You are doing great!

Lyn to someone else: Lyn is so lazy and unfocused. She clearly doesn't want to lose the weight bad enough. Why not just do it already? Seriously! Actually, I'm in good company on this one. I remember you used to say the exact same thing about your husband Kevin. Hmm..guess he showed you didn't he?

Ex 3: Amy to Lyn: Oh yeah girl, I really hope Ana starts posting on Noel's new board. Ana's a postwhore. She'll really help the numbers and get the board going.

Amy to Noel: There's no way in hell I'd ever allow that bitch on my board.

Ex 4: Amy to Lyn: There's no way I'm going to NJ to that seminar with Noel. We aren't even that close anymore. I can't see myself spending the whole entire weekend with someone I barely even talk to anymore.

Amy to Noel: Girl, I've been at the airport trying to get a flight. Boohoo, I'm so upset. I've been here for 6 hrs trying to get a seat on the next flight.

Ex 5: Amy to Lyn: Yeah, Erik thinks you're a nosy gossip. He thinks you spend your time trying to get in everyone's business. (Yeah, I have no doubt he said this but true to form, I'm sure he didn't expect it to get back to me) Actually, I find it amusing since he was the one who asked me on numerous occasions to go over to EP and tell him what was being said about him. I guess it's not gossip when it's something he wants to know about.

Ex 6: Amy to Lyn: Yeah, I know it was bad that I accidentaly sent Noel a text in which Erik and I were trashing her. I know it probably hurt her feelings, but it needed to be said. I feel bad for the way in which she found out but I will never apologize for the content.

Amy to Noel: Booohoooo, booohoooo. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. Booohooooo. Booohoooo.

Ex 7: Amy to Lyn: There's no way I'd be like Noel and expose my kids to Erik. I wouldn't want to be in the position to catch crap from people like Matt and from others. She really caught heat on that and I just don't ever want to be in that situation.

Amy to Erik: We're on our way!!! See you soon!! My daughter can't wait to play the Wii with you!!!

Ex 8: Amy to Lyn: Lyn, Erik is not a nice person, he's a predator. At the Arnold he pinned me against a wall and told me that he could take me if he really want to. I was so scared. I had bruises on my arms. I had to wear long sleeves for the rest of the weekend and don't even get me started about how Erik kisses, BLEECH!! He made my lips puff up like a pufferfish. I thought he was going to suck my damn face off!! I was dodging the cameras all weekend because I didn't want anyone to see my fat lips!!! It was a horrible weekend. I was soooo ready to come back home.

Amy to Erik: Slurp, suck, slurp, suck (Sorry, I guess it's hard to talk with someone's dick in your mouth)

So anyway, like I said, I'm really not sure why Amy felt the need to lie about so many things but she did and I really hope that every nasty thing she's said about me, Erik, Noel and other people she claims as "friends" comes back to bite her in the ass; it usually does ya now. The sad thing is she always made Erik out to be the manipulative, ego-driven, paranoid, insecure asshole, and while that's true, he is all of the aforementioned, but I'm really starting to think that even a liar of his caliber is no match for all that is Amy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just thinking out loud.....

Before I start with my “thinking out loud” I just want to include this little disclaimer. This is MY blog and these are MY thoughts and comments. My entries vary and are based upon what I’m thinking about at any given time and will not be tempered based upon who may or may not be reading at any given time. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to read my blog and leave comments, but, if you are friends with Erik Ledin and Amy Perez and/or are offended or put off by my bluntness or choice of content, then it’s probably best if you didn’t read any further. Mind you, no one has expressed any “concern” about my choice of content; in fact most are intrigued, enlightened, and entertained by it, but I did want to put the disclaimer out there just so everyone is aware that if you do choose to follow my blog, it won’t be all training, sunshine, and light. Hehehe!!

Anyhoo, back to my thinking out loud…...

Now I’m not a relationship expert nor do I play one on TV, but if this is that status quo in marriages/relationships, then I’m glad I’m single. Although I do give mad props for creativity on this one….

How creative is it to invite your um, “friend” whom you are “close/intimate” with, his wife, and his daughter to your house for a little nookie um I mean visit. Hehe..oops, slip of the tongue. I mean how cool is that? You get the best of both worlds. While Mr. Lover Man plays with your kids all day, you get to play BFF with the wifey. You can scrapbook with her all day, take her shopping, teach her how bake, get pedicures, etc. during the day and then after the she goes to bed, you get a little quality alone time with Mr. Lover Man. Wow!! How smart are you!?!? Don’t forget to wear your green workout top that shows off the nips. You know, the one you acted so self conscious in and acted so offended when Mr. Lover Man commented on how it was so hard to keep his eyes off you and your nips in that shirt. I guess that’s one way to get some male attention since your own hubby doesn’t …oh let me stop, that would be too mean (not that you don’t deserve it considering what a backstabbing lying cunt you are) Now, I do feel sorry for Mrs. Lover Man because obviously the poor woman doesn’t have a clue to what’s really going on, she never has. It’s really sad because she is a sweet person who truly believes that her husband has changed. Poor thing thinks the worst thing her hubby has done is “tried” to kiss someone. She has no clue about Mr. Lover Man’s various “trysts” over the years. Hmm..I wonder what she’d think about the one that happened in her own house where Dex the family dog got so agitated at what his master was doing that he snapped at the chick and ripped her panties? Wow, I guess Amy was right when she said he was aggressive when he’s drunk. Obviously I don’t pay any mind to what she says because it’s not like she’s not going back for more even after she mentioned what a nasty, sloppy, crappy kisser he is. What baffles me is the conscious/integrity of someone who befriends the wife of the person she’s blow…………errr, is “close” to and invites all of them into her home. I bet they’ll all go to church this Sunday even though I can remember so many times Amy making fun of all of the books, scriptures, daily devotionals, etc. that Mr. And Mrs. Lover Man send her. I distinctly remember the book Approval Addiction and how she was so offended that she got that book from him because clearly he’s the one who needed approval not her and why was he always trying to change people when clearly he the one needing to be accepted, hence his paranoia and repeated bad behavior. Hmmm…. I guess the power of the peen changes everything ‘eh?

Speaking of teh "peen" Amy sent me this picture of teh "peen" because according to her, it shows its girth.

I can’t wait to see the pics from this little trip. Thanks Amy for the suggestion to get set up a fake profile and use a proxy while still being a member of the board as to not raise suspicion and alert Erik’s paranoia. Good move!!!

Oh and here’s a pic of the lovely couple during one of their other little visits. Don’t they look happy


Lastly, a long distance dedication to the happy couple.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Downloadable Cookbook Link - Yummy!!!

Below is a link to a free downloadable cookbook that was created by Kim Austin, a partner in the now defuct The link has been posted on several fitness boards so I hope Kim doesn't mind that I've posted it here as well. There are some really, really, really good recipes in this book and Kim needs to receive some credit for her hard work and effort in creating this. For the longest time Amy "CuntFace" Perez has been taking credit for this cookbook when in fact this creation as well as many of the recipes listed on Amy's LBC (Lean Bodies Consulting) blog actually belong to someone else. I'm not sure why I'm still constantly surprised by the depth of Amy's lies and deception but I am. I guess if someone can lie about getting a restraining order against a supposed "psycho" and then initiate conversation with said "psycho" on July 8th 2009, then, I guess it's not a big deal to lie about a protein cookie or a chicken recipe.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Awesome night at the gym!!

Guess what I did at the gym tonight???? I'm so proud of myself!!! Drum roll please.....

I benched with these....

I still have to work up to doing all of my sets with 25's but I was able to do some and I wasn't even embarrassed when I couldn't re-rack the last rep and some strange guy had to help me get it off my chest. Bwahahaha!!! I was in the process of rolling it down to the floor when he stepped in so what the heck, I let him be the big strong guy saving the damsel in distress. Tonight was on of the best workouts I've ever had. My motivation is

I seriously wanted to do this after I was done.

I am so stoked right now!!!


I had an interesting discussion on Facebook tonight. It all started with my status update which said:

"Seriously, is there no limit to the number of lies Amy Perez can tell? Is her name even Amy Perez? I swear I'm not even sure of that anymore."

the following exchanges ensued. I'm blocking out the names of some people who may not want to be listed.

CR: Oh man. What now?

MB: :popcorn:

Lyn: I give her credit, she had me fooled. I bet she's had to tell some doozies to cover her ass with Prince Chippendale von Absolut. I'd love to know what she's said about me other than the ones I already know about. I'd love to get her butt on a conference call with PCvA, Mrs. PCvA, her current bffs, and others and see what she comes up with. That would be a dark day for the kingdom.

Facebook Friend (FF): Well if she's being influenced by you know who....I'm sure it's limitless....;)

Lyn: Nah, these are lies so she can have "you know who" all to herself. The funny thing is, she trashed him to me for the entire 1.5 yrs that we were supposedly "friends".

(FF): am so seriously out of the

Lyn: Hahaha!! You stay out of the loop. Not that that's a bad thing.

(FF): wow..I am out of the loop too....

AH:Like i've said that woman is a pure waste of space on this earth. Absolute 100% trash scum of the earth.

FF: Oh lawdy.. now what?? There's MORE????? Was it she that gave him "Chippendale von Absolut"??? Few years back she called him Eyore to me.. you know.. " Poor me..nobody likes me"

Lyn: Nah, Chip was my name. Hahahaha! She used to refer to him as Eeyore to me too!!! It does fit though.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thought for the Day

If one has the desire to punch someone in the face, does it mean that the puncher has anger management issues or does it mean that there are simply people out there who go through life needing a good punch in the face but just haven’t gotten it yet?

Hmmm..I’m gonna go with the latter. Hahahahaha!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quote for the Day

"Don't Major in the Minors"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sports Bra Hell

Well I guess I’m done with my catharsis regarding Amy Perez and Erik Ledin. May they live happily ever after or until Erik dumps her for his new flavor- o-the –month. Actually, most of my vitriol was directed towards Amy. She does have the dubious distinction of being the first female I have openly called Cuntface and believe me, it fits. Anyway, it was cathartic to get all of that out of my system and really say what I wanted to say. Honestly, I didn’t say EVERYTHING I wanted to say, (gotta save something just in case it’s needed in the future) but it was nice to be able to vent in my own little space. I’m sure several found it entertaining, but for me it was cathartic to finally be able to say a lot of what others have thought but never had the opportunity to say. So before I get branded a psycho or some other name that CF likes to label people whom she has shit upon, let me move on to what’s going on in Lyn’s world.

Arrgh, sports bras for anyone over a D–cup are the debil. My favorite bra, the Enell is ugly as hell, but I love it. It’ holds the girls right where they need to be. What I don’t love is the $60+ price tag that it comes with. The first one I bought I was able to find on Ebay for about half the price; this time, no such luck. Oh yeah, Ebay had the Enell’s for $37 or 2/$70 but of course in every size but mine. I swear these things must be made of some space age material because they fit women anywhere from a 32C to a 52F!!! I first saw them on an Oprah “Favorite Things” episode and they truly are great. If anyone needs a strong supportive bra and can get over the ugliness of the thing, this is the bra for you.

Anyway, since I didn’t want to pay retail and since Ebay didn’t have my size, I went with one from Lily of France. It’s a little more attractive but doesn’t offer the same amount of support but at $17.99 on sale at Kohl’s, it will be fine for lifting days and I can save my beloved Enell for HIIT days until I can find one on sale.

Wow, what an exciting life I lead, almost a whole entry devoted to my quest for a sports bra. Hahahaha!! Oh well, that’s OK, because that’s what this blog is for, to write about everything that I encounter along my path and who wants to go down their path of improvement with unsupported boobs. Oh that reminds me of something else. The” boobs and belly” account that I started a month or so ago with ING is steadily growing. I swear its addictive making those deposits. I’m pretty sure that unless I win the lottery, I will reach my target weight before I have the money for the surgery, but I’m fine with that. I will be more than happy looking fabulous in my clothes until I can look great in AND out of my clothes. Hehehehehe!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday!!

Wow!! I can’t believe its Monday morning yet again!!! Where did the weekend go? I swear I was just sitting at this desk yesterday. Ahhh, the life of a cubicle jockey. I’m on this mission to find out what my true passion or calling is in life. While I am very grateful to have a job, it is just that, a job. I want a career, something more that just something that pays the bills. I want to be excited every morning when I wake up, not just excited because it’s almost Friday.

Anyway, I digress. On Friday, I did the following training:

Full Squats 3 x 5
Barbell Rows 3 x 5
Romanian Deadlifts (my favorite exercise) 3 x 5
Flat Bench Press (my weakest exercise) 3 x 5
*Followed by one set of the BW exercises I posted last week

Saturday was HIIT intervals

Sunday was my latest infomercial inspired purchase “Yoga Booty Ballet” I found this last week on clearance at Target for $20.00. I’ve been curious about it since I saw it on a late night informercial but at the time it was $40 + S/H so I’m glad I was patient and waited.

Today’s training will be:

Dumbbell Split Squats – 3 x 12 each side
Close grip Lat Pulldowns (my favorite upper body exercise) 3 x 8
Cable Pull throughs – 3 x 12
Seated Dumbbell press – 3 x 10
Standing Calf Raise – 3 x 20
Tricep Pushowns – 3 x 10
Dumbbell Laterals – 3 x 10
Planks – 3 x 30s

Now I believe in giving credit where credit is due so just want to say that the above program as well as what I posted last week were created by Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. I was a client of his from Jan. 2007 – Jan. of 2008. I have about 12 of these babies that I will be posting throughout my blog whenever I decide to change up my training and whenever my diet needs to be tweaked. Now as much as I loathe Erik Ledin aka Thunder and KNOW that he is a lying, cheating, “I’m a Christian when it gets me the ladies”, “Eatin Ain’t Cheatin, suck your lips off when he kisses you (thanks Amy for the visual) douchebag and hate his current flavor-of-the month Amy “ Lying Cuntface, Erik tried to force himself on me and I was scared, but I still love him and went back for seconds” Perez, I’m no dummy. I’m not one to cut my nose off to spite my face. Douchebag’s programs do work and Cuntface’s Pick and Choose is a good option to have.

Well back to work. Another day another dollar.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Word Association

I was just thinking on my drive into work this morning how funny or irritating (whatever the case may be) it is that certain words, phrases, smells etc. will immediately take you to a certain place. What I was mainly thinking about is how unfortunate it is people can ruin perfectly good words or things because you hear them a lot or because you have particularly bad memories associated with the person who originated them. I was making a mental list of such words and things and so far I’ve decided that the following words and items have made the short list:

Protocol – when used in reference to training.

Reach out – My company loves this one. “Lyn, please reach out to Bob for help with this project” Whenever I reach out it’s usually because I want to smack someone.

Detail Oriented and Forward thinking – I’m convinced that everyone has this on their resume.

Touch base/taking it to the next level/thinking outside the box – tired, worn out corporate clich├ęs that make me want to vomit.

Thunder/Erik – enough said, although I now use this word and the word douchebag interchangeably.

Puppy Chow/Magic Powder/Bootcamp/Amy – have all been ruined by the person whom I now lovingly refer to as “C*ntFace. The * = the letter “u” It’s nice to know that whenever I remove hair from my cooter she will always be there. Also when I eat my favorite protein pancake (recipe posted below), I have to put it out of my mind where it originated or else I will surely gag.

Almost Carb-Less Protein Pancake
20g protein powder (your choice)
2 egg whites
1-2 Tbsp Davinci’s Sugar Free Syrup
2g SF pudding mix (optional)
Mix all ingredients together and pour onto hot skillet. Flip and serve.
Nutritional Information:
Calories: 122 Fat: 1.4 g Carbohydrate: 4.5 g Protein: 22.2 g

Changing gears, I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’m headed to Charleston, SC so see Jenny Hendershott’s first NPC show. It should be exciting. I love going to competitions. I’ll also be riding shotgun with a stuffed whale named Orca who needs to be returned to its natural habitat. Should be an interesting weekend. I’m going to try and borrow my friend’s laptop so I can post pics. If not, I’ll update on Monday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Yawnnnn. Man I'm so sleepy today for some reason. I went to bed early last night and actually overslept this morning, so you'd think I'd be well rested. Hahaha, there's nothing like waking at 7:53am when you have to be at work by 8. Luckily I had packed my cooler last night night or I'd really be in trouble. It's those times when I'm unprepared that I really slip up because you have to just eat what's available, which here at work is vending machine fare. I really must have had it in high gear because I made it to work by 8:40am (my commute is less than 15 mins). That's not to say that I look fabulous but at least I'm here. I'm debating whether to stay over and make up the time or just take a 30 min lunch and leave at regular time. I'll probably do the 30 min lunch because the ealier I can leave in the afternoon, the less traffic I have to deal with. I'm starting to get excited about the weekend. I'm only working a half day tomorrow. I have a little road trip planned with one of my girlfriends. I love roadtrips and this one should be especially interesting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Back on Track after The CheeseCake Factory

Usually after a big cheat (birthday/girl nite), it's always been really hard for me mentally to get back on target. I love food!! So I'm happy to report that so this far this week diet and training have been 100% Woohoo!! How's that for me not being committed and not wanting it bad enough?!?! Like I said in a previous post, I’m back on my own these days, and focusing more on being accountable to myself vs. someone else. So far its working good, but I’ve still got lots of work to do and a long road ahead of me so it’s important to do whatever I need to do to keep my momentum going. Ths is the plan I'm doing right now.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s (Training Days) my diet will pretty much look like this:

Meal 1: 1 scoop pp – 1/3 c. oatmeal – 1 serv. Yogurt or 1 serv.fruit
Meal 2: 4 oz chicken – 1.5 c. rice – fibrous veggies
Meal 3: 1 can of tuna or 5 oz white fish – 2 tsp. EVOO – 3 fish oils – fibrous veggies
PWO: 1.5 scoops pp and carbs = 200 cals/42g’s
Meal 5: 4 oz chicken- 2tsp EVOO – 3 fish oils – fibrous veggies
Meal 6: 1 whole egg – ¾ c. egg whites – ½ hard cheese – 3 fish oils – fibrous veggies

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Non-Training Days):

Meal 1: 1.5 scoops protein (made into a protein pancake) – 15 g. peanut butter
Meal 2: 4 oz chicken – 15 g. peanut butter – fibrous veggies
Meal 3: 3 oz extra lean ground beef – 1 oz hard cheddar cheese – fibrous veggies
Meal 4: 1.5 scoops protein – 15 g. peanut butter – 3 fish oils
Meal 5: 4 oz chicken – 2 tsp. EVOO – 3 fish oils – fibrous veggies
Meal 6: 1 whole egg – ¾ c. egg whites – 1 oz cheddar cheese – 3 fish oils

Meal 1: 1.5 scoops protein (made into a pancake) – 1 fish oil
Meal 2: 4 oz chicken – 1 fish oil – fibrous veggies
Meal 3: 3 oz extra lean ground beef – 1 fish oil – fibrous veggies
Meal 4: 1.5 scoops protein – 1 fish oil
Meal 5: 4 oz chicken – 1 fish oil – fibrous veggies
Meal 6: ¾ c. egg whites – 1 fish oil – fibrous veggies

I’ll be back in later to fill in the weights but today my training will be the following:

Dumbbell squats – 3 x 12
Seated Cable rows (overhand) 3 x 15
SHELC – 3 x 8
Incline DB Press – 3 x 12
Lunges – 3 x 15 each leg
Incline DB curls – 3 x 10
Step ups- 3 x 15 each leg
Stability ball crunch – 3 x 10

After my workout, I will also do one set of the following:

Bodyweight squats x 20 reps
Bodyweight lunges x 20 reps (10 each leg)
Bodyweight split squats x 20 reps (10 each leg)
Kneeling push ups x max reps

Man, I wish I could hit the gym now instead of sitting in this cubicle for the next 5 hours. Jobs.Are.For.Punks!!!!

On a side note: Grrr….the new gym that I joined back in April has still not opened. It was supposed to open on June 25th and it’s still under construction. I got a great deal on a membership ($10/mth no contract) and it’s less than 10 mins from work, even during the 5pm work traffic, but it needs to open already. I’ve pretty much decided to keep my LA Fitness membership as well. It’s $35/mth and it’s close to home so I won’t have to travel as far on the weekends, plus it’s open on Sundays, as the other gym is not. So basically for an extra $10 a month, I’m getting a shorter gym commute during the week plus a 5 min. drive on Sat. and Sun, can’t beat that!!! Whatever it takes to do what I need to do.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Recap of My Birthday Celebration/Girl's Nite!!

As mentioned earlier, I'm back with an update and pictures from my birthday celebration/girl's night Friday night at the Cheesecake Factory. What a great night!! It's always fun to get together with the "Atlanta Crew", Cindy, Ileen, Elizabeth and Noel.

The laughs and conversation began with a round of strawberry martinis for a few of us….yum, yum, yum..those suckers were STRONG!! One was plenty for me. After dinner (chicken broccoli pasta alfredo for me), I had to endure the “Happy Birthday” song from the staff. I don’t know how the ladies got that one past me. I was doing my best to keep an eye on things (I’m nosy like that or so I’ve been told :P ). Anyway, they some how got word to our server; thank goodness I didn’t have to wear a stupid hat or I would have needed another drink. After more conversation, (no more drinks for me), it was time for gift opening. Let me say up front that I have some incredibly generous and “creative” friends.

Noel always remembers how much I love, love, love her mom’s oatmeal raisin cookies. From what I understand, these are a booger to make, but Noel always takes the time to make sure I have them a few times a year. This time Noel got creative in the kitchen and we all got to try her newest creation “Crack-Chow” or “Crack-Buddies”. We might be renaming the Puppy Chow due to its unfortunate distasteful origins. Crappy origins aside, this creation will give you cavities just from looking at it. I’m sure there are several dentists out there who will greatly appreciate this concoction. Basically, Noel took the recipe for Muddy Buddies/PuppyChow and added the toffee topping and topped with melted chocolate (thanks for leaving off the nuts, bleech). It was fabulous and of course way, way, way too sweet for Ileen, but I give her props for trying it. Also from Noel, I got a spy kit to help me take my nosiness and gossip mongering to another level, some lip shaped lip gloss to prevent those irritating chapped lips from all of the ass kissing and crawling up asses that I do, a new scrapbook to house all of the pictures of my friends since the last one got tainted and has since been tossed, and some new Tupperware and a water bottle in hopes that some new stuff might make me “want it bad enough and to stay focused” since obviously according to my last trainer, I lacked in that area.

Elizabeth brought me back a beautiful purse from her recent trip to NYC. I love it!! I thought it was very thoughtful of her to think of me while she was vacationing with her family. Elizabeth and I have a great love for bargain shopping in the city. We will go down every road and in every back room to find a deal. Unfortunately Cindy let us know with a quickness that my and Elizabeth’s brand of shopping wasn’t for her…snob. LOL!!

Ileen and Cindy tried to be cute in giving me a package of Depends, a denture cleaning kit, and a magazine with quilting patterns. All that was missing was the tube of Ben-Gay and a stray cat. Obviously they haven’t heard that 40 is the new 30. Honestly, if I can look half as good as they do, I’ll be more than happy to take my place in the 40’s. Cindy and Ileen had another surprise up their sleeves though. Remember the gym bag I posted about a few weeks ago, the one my boss has that I’ve been coveting since she showed it to me? Well, Cindy and Ileen GOT ME THE GYM BAG!!! How awesome is that?!?! I was so surprised!!! I don’t have a picture of me with the actual bag yet. Eagle-Eye Ileen noticed that mine was damaged so hopefully my new one will be here within a few days. It’s the one posted below.

So as I stated previously, it was a fantabulous night. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends.

Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Me after a long week of dealing with yahoos.

Ileen. Check out those arms ya'll!! Wowza



Cindy :lol:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Noel's New Crack Variation:

My purse from Elizabeth

My new gym bag that's on the way!!!