Sunday, July 30, 2017

That's Not How This Works!

So I recently came across these bad boys:

and now I have a few questions:

Ok, first of all, is this bitch even trying to be convincing anymore? Name ONE person who's "battling" stage 3/4 cancer and is one week racing cars and then the next week is standing in the need of prayer. Where they do that at?

Anyone who believes this broad has cancer.....well I'll just leave it at "Bless your heart".

Next question  Why is it necessary for Ms. Prayer Warrior to preface her  post like she just escaped an ISIS interment camp last Wednesday?  Why not just STFU and say a prayer if you feel the inclination?

Ohhhhh yeah, that's right. Nobody would actually know and you wouldn't get your extra online e-credit from the Ledin's.

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