Friday, July 30, 2010

Winding Down with Week 8

Week 8 is coming to a close and I have settled nicely into my routine. Earlier this week I was sick and missed training on Monday and Tuesday. Normally, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but I found myself in addition to feeling sick, feeling “off”, like something was missing. It then hit me that my “new” routine had officially become my “now” routine. I used to resent routines because I saw them as tedious and smothering, something that suburban soccer moms and middle aged men did. Remember the Dunkin Doughnuts commercials…”Time to Make the Doughnuts”. I enjoyed “living in the moment”, “flying by the seat of my pants” etc. What I’ve now learned is that anything negative can be changed to positive with a shift in mindset. I really think this key point is what has been missing in all of my other failed attempts. Well, that I wasn’t on a man-hunt all those other times. LOL. Anyway, I digress. Now, I view the time spent prepping food, packing my gym bag, going to the gym, etc. as the small daily goals that I need to meet in order to reach the big goal. I no longer have to worry that Facebook, Maximum Fitness Consulting (, Ebay, and all of the other places I used to spend my nights hours with will crumble and implode if I’m not around. Most nights I don’t get home before 7pm and I’m perfectly OK with it. I remember a few months ago complaining in another blog post about how much crap I have to carry into and out of my home each day (purse, lunch tote, gym bag, water bottle, etc.) Now I’m like the momma duck with all of her baby duckies lined up at the front door. I know what goes where, (purse over left shoulder, lunch tote on left wrist, water bottle in left hand, gym bag on right wrist, keys in right hand). It actually feels weird on the weekends when I just have my purse). Funny the things we (I) find to bitch about. I have definitely been guilty of letting the small things get in the way of the bigger and better things. I’m actually still fine tuning my weekend routine. For me weekends = sleeping late/multiple naps, but after all of these years I’m finally coming to the conclusion that this is no longer working for me. I’ve really starting developing an interest in yardsaling, mainly in search of vintage items. FYI: Vintage items are HUGE sellers on Ebay. Although I don’t make it out every Saturday morning, I am increasing the number of times per month that I do get out.

Coming Up:
One of my closest girlfriends, Ana H. will be coming down for a visit at the end of the month. We haven’t seen each other since several of us made a trek up to Canada in 2007. My goal is to lose another 10lbs before she gets here. I’m really looking forward to her visit. I know we’re all going to have tons of laughs. We have so many old stories that no matter how many times they get retold are still sooooo funny. I know there will be lots of treats and cheats too. I can’t wait!!!

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